To Be Three

We celebrated this pretty girl’s birthday last week and I honestly don’t think a funnier three year old exists. She’s got moves like jagger and more facial expressions than Jim Carey. Her poppa, my oldest cousin, and I grew up together. He was always fathering after me when we were younger, most likely as an accomplice to my dad to make sure I wasn’t getting into trouble.

MJ_2It’s been fun watching the years go by and new little members being added on to our family. Her party-boy poppa will have a lot on his hands when this little one gets older.



^^ Now THAT is the face of excitement! Tea candles are also what happens when you haven’t had a baby in the family for awhile. Woops!^^

MJ_5Happy Birthday sweet girl – you are so very much loved!


Is It Silly?

isitsilly_1I spent most of my life growing up in apartments. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms to be exact. Except for a short-stint in a single family home, and a good-chunk of time in a townhouse, the staircases – one way in and one way out apartments has always felt like home to me. Looking back I can’t say it felt crowded or like I was missing out on something. My sister and I shared a room and the four-year age difference made for interesting dynamics during my teenage and her pre-teens year (can you say hor-mo-nal!). Just a few weeks ago John and I moved into a single family home.

From the day we moved into our apartment back in 2012, John was already day dreaming of the day we’d move out. Part of me was offended, wondering why he didn’t love our little home as much as I did. But with time, a few noise complaints, and a serious excursion through hallways and stairwells to finally make it out to fresh air – I began to understand the appeal of the non-condo days. John travels about a week out of the month and like clockwork, my sister moves in for the weekend and we catch up on sister time and other shenanigans. Well, this weekend while John was away, the sisters did not play. In fact, it wasn’t until late Friday night when I strolled into the house after a night out that I realized that this would be my first time staying at the house alone. Oh no.


Leave it to me to watch far too many Law & Order SVU episodes when I’m home alone and an already creaky 1950’s home to provide all the horror movie sound effects needed to raise my blood pressure – but I decided that the mini-Louisville slugger bats weren’t going to cut it. I brought our massive metal snow shovel into the room and propped it up on my side of the bed. The next morning when Dani, my sister, came to visit and saw the shovel hanging out on my side of the room – I gave her the “oh, I’m not sure” line when she asked why there was a metal shovel inside our bedroom.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday got easier to adjust to and perhaps, living in a house with lots of doors and lots of windows isn’t so bad after all. Although I can’t promise the metal shovel won’t be in the room the next time I’m home alone. So tell me, is that silly or completely normal? John, don’t answer that.

Billy Joel, Statue of Liberty, Pizza and more!

nycblog_billy joel
When Madison Square Garden announced back in November that Billy Joel would be performing in 2014 my heart started racing, I emailed John links with subject lines that included far too many exclamation points, and I set alarms on both of our phones to make sure we didn’t miss the ticket pre-sale. My love for Billy goes back to my childhood. My dad made sure to share his love of music with us and I can still remember the days when he’d let me drive his black Grand Cherokee to school during my senior year blasting CD after CD of Billy Joel classics. My friends weren’t big fans of my song choices.

John and I made a weekend out of it and the change of scenery was just what we needed. For such a bustling city, it always amazes me how many conversations I spark up with complete strangers in the course of a day.
We waited in lots of lines that weekend. For everything from frozen s’mores at the Dominique Ansel Bakery to a ferry ride to finally formerly introduce Lady Liberty to John.
nycblog8Slide3nycblog9But no trip to NYC is complete without pizza. In our case that’s an entire pizza between the two of us at Juliana’s in Brooklyn. This touristing thing isn’t for sissies.
nycblog13nycblog11Hope to see you again soon, NYC!!

Hey Again


My blog has been asleep for a while. What feels like far too long. It’s been a long winter for us and though technically we’re in spring – Mother Nature seems to have had plans of her own in store. This winter has had too many days when I’ve gone to bed feeling like I’m not accomplishing as much as I’d like to or should be. To do lists without much of a dent at the end of the day, laundry that always seems to pile up, random picture frames and “stuff” that still haven’t found their place in our new home (oh yeah, we moved!), and a life that seems much more sedentary than I’m accustomed to. Sounds exciting, huh? This is real life. It’s amazing how these mundane tasks, when gone undone, can suck the inspiration out of daily life and the things I enjoy the most. The twist in all of this is that life really has been great. Blessed. Full of things to look forward and opportunities I’ve dreamt of for a long time.

Being of service to others and myself is the cornerstone of my happiness. As I lay in bed last night, wondering what I could do differently, I realized that a large part of my dissatisfaction with my day to day has come down to what I perceive as being inactive, unorganized, and unproductive. I am my own worst critic. I suppose I’m used to operating at a different speed. In life, the small victories propel you much further in the direction you want that the big ones. So even if it that means spending an hour clearing out my inbox or putting together an awesome list of drills for our littles during their first spring soccer practice next week, that’s a step in the right direction.

April will be here in a matter of days and here are some things I plan to incorporate in the following month to finally shake off the winter dust and get my mind right!

1. Finally finish reading “The Power of Habit”. I really get sucked into this book when I make myself sit down and read it. Do you have any books that do the same for you? If so, please share!

2. Spend time outside at least 15 minutes a day. The con to working from home is that you really can go DAYS without stepping foot outside your house. We seriously need to get a dog to force me to do this multiple times a day. Being cooped up in your home is not good for your body, mind, or soul.

3. Exercise Date Nights. Listen up husband; we’re starting next week! Though it can be hard to push yourself to get to the gym after a long day of work, driving, etc – we’re revisiting old habits of sweating together. Hello boxing gym! It’s been a while. I hope this equates to more restful nights.

4. Answer more phone calls. Am I the only woman who detests talking on the phone? Well turns out the thing I hate more than talking on the phone is listening to voicemails. Needless to say, I’m just going to answer before I have time to let it go to voicemail.

5. Weekly Dates with my mom and sister (and brother when he’s around). When you leave home to start your own life you really come to appreciate the things that made growing up “home” from time to time. I really have no excuse; my mom and sister live all of 5-minutes away from me, but you’d be surprised how often weeks go by when we don’t see each other. Here’s to more coffee dates and peer-pressuring my mom into making us home cooked meals. Nothing like momma’s cooking!


6. Being more present. There is definitely a time and place for mindless evening activities. We have absolutely abused this pastime in these frigid winter months. I’m surprised our couch doesn’t have our body imprinted into the cushions at this point. It’s so easy to come home, veg out in front of the TV and forget to have a meaningful conversation from time to time. Cooking together, telling each other about your day, working on a project together – whatever suits your fancy. Doing the bare in communication during the week when it comes to your family and significant other is no way to live life. Thank God for wives and husbands who hold each other accountable and want to live intentionally. Intimacy starts there.

and last but not least…

7. 100 Happy Days Challenge. I came across this social media movement on a friends Facebook thread. There have also been lulls in my Instagram game and I truly love the comments and followers I’ve gained through IG because of whatever parallels we share in life. Here’s to not only being cognizant of the every day greatness of life but also to inspire all of you like you do for me! You can follow me on Instagram @kaydixon.

Gosh, that was long and it felt so good to write again. Thanks for sticking around!

New York City



Two weeks ago John and I spent a few days in New York City with our friends Robb and Brenda. We love spending time with these two (who made our year by treating us to a few days in the city fo’ free!). We scored dirt-cheap broadway tickets to Jersey Boys (which we highly recommend!) and had no complaints with the unseasonably warm weather. Despite lots of anticipation, pre-planning, and our fabulous company – my body had other plans and I spent the majority of our trip hotel bed bound feelings less than fabulous. Sometimes it feels like I’m being punked. I’m thankful for the days that I did get and my loyal hubby who refused to leave my side to take in the city on his own. Even in my sick state, there’s something so magical about this city with all its people, smells, sights, and commotion. For my pizza loving husband, NYC is his paradise with all the options he has to choose from at every corner. We can’t wait to head back in March for the Billy Joel concert and maybe this time around I’ll try to anticipate it a little less  - the excitement, quite literally, took it out of me! Happy New Years everyone – we feel lucky to welcome another year with all of you!



^^^ Hubby romancing me. Still trying to figure out how to make the dip look graceful!

^^ that mural! those colors! we could photograph this city for days!






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