What’s New Around Here?

when oh yes. sheblogs! came into inception in august 2011, i was single girl in the video production business, making a name for myself in a predominantly male-dominated world. my plan for this blog included a variety of personal and guest-written posts that would speak candidly and at times, scandalously about the risqué comments and situations young females often faced when entering the work-force.

but it seems that life had a much different plan in store for me. soon after opening my blog, i transitioned from the creative video world to the procedure-driven government contracting sector. more importantly, the love gods decided that they’d join a lovely lovely man and i together, and consequently have us fall madly in love.

so what does that mean for all of you lovely readers?

well, it meant that the header i had been rocking on my blog for the last {almost} year was missing a very important person. it also meant that when i stopped to read the “about me” section that i had written in june of 2011, i often times had to remind myself that at one point in time, that description actually fit me to a “t”.

needless to say, over the past week, oh yes. sheblogs! has undergone some minor but important reconstructive surgery. let me explain:

first, the header you see above now features that special man that i’ll be marrying in may 2013, who also happens to be the love of my life.

the “about me” page has transformed itself into a brand new “about this blog” page with brand new content that accurately reflects what this blog is all about. {john and i worked hard on this, let us know what you think!}

both my twitter handle and instagram username have undergone some renaming, and you can now find me under “@ohyessheblogs


the most exciting (and terrifying) leap of all…i finally manned up and decided to open a facebook page for my blog, that you can find here.

the reality is, i grin from ear to ear and get a bit squimish from excitement when i hear from all of you {john can attest}. and, although i have been known to preach it on here from time to time, this social media ‘thang is about two-way communication.

so my dearest subscribers and cyber-friends, warm-up those fingers and get to typing folks! i wanna hear what you think, love and everything in between. c’mon, don’t make me beg. it won’t be pretty.

trust me.


* new blog and facebook header courtesy of the lovely paula b.

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One thought on “What’s New Around Here?

  1. Hello my sweets…..I am confused as I tend to be by all the new things about your Blog…..you can help me next week!!!!!!! :) but I do like the new photo header and the idea behind it all..I’m sure as soon as I understand where all it’s located???? I’ll like it all even more………..:) :) LOL oxoxoxo Momma D

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