Menu Monday

kitchen’s closed.

after a grueling 10-days of 12-hour night shifts and a combined 30-hours of flying for john, and editing of scripts into the wee hours of the night for the pancreatic cancer event on my end, i’m happy to report that in less than 36-hours…john and i will start making the schlep to myrtle beach for 5-days of cell-phone less relaxation. my hope for these next 5-days are that we get lots of sunny days with daily siesta’s after guaranteed delicious meals by poppa dixon & company. i’m looking forward to a mighty long car ride with my other half filled with laughter, hand-holding and catching up on all the little details we’ve missed from each other lives over the last two-weeks {and perhaps some dramamine too. damn you car sickness}. i’m looking forward to resting my wrists of the incessant typing, and instead, trading in work emails for my kindle and perhaps a fruity summer {alcoholic} beverage. i’m looking forward to writing my name in the sand during the day and taking walks on the beach at night. i’m looking forward to finally meeting my future brother-in-law, spending more time with my future sister-in-law, and getting to experience the little family nucleus john grew up in first-hand.

oh, and if we get a chance to play some beach soccer, eat boardwalk fries, get a killer tan, and perhaps regress back into my 12-year old days of henna tattoos, i wouldn’t be disappointed either.


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