I Love the Way…

your arm slips perfectly underneath my pillow as we fall asleep at night.

you serenade me to james morrison’s “better man” as you hold me close and play with the curls in my hair {even if you ruin the moment by busting into frank sinatra song and dance shortly after}

you tell me, “whatever you want honey… i just want to make you happy”, when we talk about our wedding, our future, or just what we’re doing for the evening. little do you know i’m usually thinking the exact same thing about you.

you wake me up with kisses before you leave for work every morning and softly whisper in my ear the number of days left until our wedding. it’s nice to have a smile on my face before i’ve even woken up for the day.

you could care less about all the social media crap that’s taken over most of our world’s…yet you genuinely support my love of blogging and never complain even after i’ve taken the 70th picture for the day.

you insist on using really big words when a simple one would do just fine…i think you’ve said the word “inconsequential” just as many times as you’ve said “i love you” over the last few months.

“you’re more myself than I am. whatever our souls are made of…yours and mine are the same”


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