i don’t know what came over me this weekend, but i turned into somewhat of a real-life suzy-homemaker on saturday afternoon. i cooked and baked anything {and everything} i could find in our fridge and pantries…and did so for the majority of the weekend. baked meatballs, parmesan zucchini, homemade basil dipping sauce, peanut butter brownies, and homemade red sauce that was the perfect complement to the lasagna cup concoction i ventured with.

by sunday evening my clean-plate club family and fiancé were waving the “i’m going to explode” white-flag  and my instagram followers were messaging me away for recipe requests. needless to say…my domestic urges have been fulfilled and i think i’m ready to turn the kitchen back over to john. sorry honey, your vacation is over.

this week’s menu-monday is a short one. wednesday afternoon we take our second road trip of the summer to louiseville, kentucky – which brings up a highly debated question in the rocha-dixon household….is kentucky considered the south? if you asked me, i’d say yes…but according to my loving (and precise fiancé), only half the state can really be considered the south. needless to say this sparked some animated conversation between us, a google search that described kentucky as being located in the “upper south” of the united states and a disappointing realization that many of the states in our country are not geographically where i originally thought they were {purchase of a poster map of the united states in progress}.

tonight my love and i are packing a picnic and reliving one of the very first activities we did together in august of last year: screen on the green {which is somewhat of a dc summer tradition!}.

happy week friends – i’m looking forward to the adventures to come.


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3 thoughts on “Menu-Monday

  1. Kentucy is totally the south! Uh, at least to me. I mean, I am from Wisconsin afterall. ;)

    But if it isn’t, well I’m embarrassed that I’ve categorized it as so for the past 20+ years. Whooops….

    Everything you made looks absolutely delicious. I’ll take a serving of each. ;)

    • @bethany, we hit the road tomorrow…and once we get to KY…i think it’s only fair to ask the locals themselves…southern or not? sending you virtual servings of all the food ;)

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