Menu Monday

this menu monday yet again presents itself with a bit of a new challenge. last week “the girls” and i were chit-chatting away during our usual lunch break at the office when i noticed a reoccurring theme: “jeez, i could really lose a few lbs.” 

being the rallier that i am, i began feeding the girls some poorly thought-out speil about what a good “teambuilding experience” it would be to have a office-wide “get-fit” challenge. being the competitive soul that i am, i took it a step further and “strongly encouraged” each person to add $15 to a “winner takes all” pot at the beginning of each month from now until december.

what the eff have i done? if you fall even into the “mildly-regular” blog reader category you know that my fiance is but a few culinary tricks short of being bobby flay and if wine drinking were an olympic sport…i’d win the gold medal.

but enough of my whining. this is a competition like any other, and i my friends, am NOT a loser. tomorrow marks day 1 of this “get fit” race and with it goes by nightly serving(s) of wine, cheese and a sweet night caps. but hey, with a wedding just under 9-months away and a spectacular wedding dress i’d like to look scarlett johansson-esque in…i say “game on ladies”.

but 10pm is no time to get my adrenaline pumping…i’m off to cuddle on the couch with my husband-to-be after a fun night of scotch and food tastings at a local gastro-pub courtesy of fiance’s killer find on living social.

wish me luck guys! the thought of $500 bucks before the holiday season makes my bank account and i pretty darn happy if you ask me.


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