Mountains & Oceans




Fewer things have been as beautiful as the drive up the Pacific Coast of Oregon. As I get older, the moments I get to take in these views – I can’t help but be moved personally, emotionally, and spiritually. After a pit stop in Tillamook, Oregon to sample their factory of cheddar cheeses (and ice cream!) the views from there on out until we reached Cannon Beach literally froze us in our tracks. We stopped on the side of the road to capture photos of the little town of Bay View. How much I wished in that moment that John and I could live somewhere between the cherry stand and the town dive to experience what life is like in a town so small. At one particular scenic overlook we all stood around silently taking in the view and framing up the next best photo. I was in awe of the endless views but the thoughts circling in my mind went much further than that.

I felt more free breathing in that cold Pacific air. More alive. I felt thankful for the people, the moments, the chapters in my life – because two, three, five years ago – I could have never imagined this moment. I could hear John giggling at me as I lost and regained my breath over and over again and squealed at the sight of something new. He’s traveled and seen so much throughout his life that it’s hard for him to grasp how these moments feed the soul of a first-timer. It’s a tender sort of laugh – the type you’d have witnessing a child’s innocent disbelief and surprise.

I’m so thankful for how rich and full life has been these days. I realize more and more how resilient we are as a species. That’s the beauty of it all – we can recreate, go through a rebirth of sorts. I loved every second of this spec of time of our trip. Nature’s beauty is the therapy of life that no yoga class can provide. On the day these photos were taken, I closed my eyes and silently nodded in appreciation that everything I needed was already inside of me. Sometimes it just takes mountains and oceans, blue skies and infinite views to remember how beautiful and simple life can be.





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One thought on “Mountains & Oceans

  1. Well said Kathy! I feel the same way about everything I ever seen. In those moments you feel apart of something much bigger….and for me they are all God’s wonderful gifts to us……………oxox

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