when john and i met in august 2011 neither one of us had been looking for love. but one long summer night of dancing and laughter brought our two very different worlds crashing together {in big-bang fashion as john likes to say} and breathed life into the very thing everyone is searching for: love.

john, a laid back midwest boy who occasionally trades-up his t-shirt and jeans for a freshly starched air force uniform and kathy, a passionate dc girl with an interest in just about everything – fell in love and traded-in their days of bachelor and bachelorette-hood for a life as mr. and mrs.

this little blog is our journey.

together we’re learning to balance the very essence of life, love, work and play, while remembering that most times, the important things in life always seem to fall into place as long as we remember to smile, stand-up straight, say i love you and try not to take life too seriously.

we’re thrilled to have picked up a few extra readers along the way, and hope you enjoy our journey as husband + wife and soon, momma and poppa to a little one in august of 2014.


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Happy Blogging

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